Your Face Read

Your Face Read

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This is a Digital product.

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The Benefits of getting your face read

Learn what's going on within you

Did you know bags under the eyes means more than you are tired and haven't had enough sleep?

Did you know lines in the upper and bottle lip means something as well?

Did you know hyperpigmentation on areas of the face is also a sign of something going on internally ?

The body is always giving us hints, The issue comes when you aren't sure how to read the signs !

All things start from within so if you have a better relationship with self your life will be completely different.


After purchasing your face reading your confirmation email will direct you on where to email a clear well lit in focused "Selfie"

"The clearer the picture the better the read"

Please send a picture of yourself with a fresh face free of any makeup

You will receive a PDF and Audio description of what we were able to read, Your synopsis will include the issues that you maybe experiencing now, or if continued on the same journey will soon possibly come about.

Your face shows so much. It shows any weakness in specific organs and organ systems. Not to mention your suppressed emotions, That is subconsciously influencing your behavior

Lastly we will include a remedy/regiment on how to get on track to a Nulife.

By using simple techniques or herbal supplements