Why Face Mapping?

Our mission is to continue to spread the knowledge and awareness of health for our people.

We are being attacked from many angles, not only by the police but our health and emotional state.

It's imperative we tend to our emotional state so that we can evolve into a higher frequency.

Learn what's slowing down your development,

Learn what's going on with you on multiple levels. Why haven't you reached the level of success you desire in all areas of your life?

Dr.Afrika and Other great African Doctors such as

“Dr.Sebi” & more, have devoted their life to learning, teaching and healing those who showed interest in Holistic Healing.

Did you know if you like spicy/crunchy foods that's a sign of suppressed ANGER?

Did you know if you enjoy creamy foods that's a sign of needing nurturing ?

The body is always communicating with us, we just have to learn the language.

What are your organs and glands saying to you?

Bags under the eyes doesn't only mean you are tired. The body is letting you know the kidneys need attention!

Learn why you can't seem to give up addictive foods.

Send in your picture! Let us read you!

It's true, we all must transcend one day. Lets not speed up the process by feeding our live body dead food. Food that is indigestible.

Our services will provide solutions using herbal remedies and other simple self care techniques. Brought to you by Rae Canti and Dr.Melanie Stevenson -Dr.Afrika & Dr.Stevenson -Rae Canti

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